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MarketBase+ Features

Get up close and personal with your network. MarketBase+ allows you to bare all with one click.

You're in great company

"It’s rather underwhelming to say it was a straightforward experience, but that’s a top-tier requirement of how you want a data project to go. It’s important for this process to be easy.”

Dan Smith GM Marketing - FUJIFILM Business Innovation Aus

"All in all, it’s a great service and goes to show you can cut through the noise with the right contacts. This year was our most successful CEO Dare to Cure event ever."

Briony Harris Partnerships - Children’s Cancer Institute

Chrome Extension

Marketbase+ LinkedIn companion

The idea is simple: as a sales professional, you’re looking to accelerate your relationships with potential customers and close the deal—and you’re looking to do it with the same reliability you always have, but smarter and faster.

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Seal the deal faster and smarter—use the MarketBase+ Chrome extension to expose your LinkedIn network and get the information you need to fast-track your sales.

Our Data

Trusted Australia and New Zealand datasets

If you’re looking for a partner with experience, look no further. At MarketBase+, we’ve inherited the combined data and skills of industry veterans IncNet and MarketBase—all up, that’s over forty years of combined industry expertise in helping Australian and New Zealand businesses generate millions by delivering high-quality, accurate and up-to-date data for B2B sales.

We collect and maintain the records of millions of contacts, including decision makers at all levels of business. Our data is collected by expert researchers in Australia and delivered in compliance with all relevant privacy regulations, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Our Data

Data Points to suit your needs

Our data spans not just corporate emails and direct contact numbers, although those are often the juiciest titbits for our partners. We also have many other data points that are sure to satisfy. Data like the size of businesses, locations, information about organisations’ c-suites and decision making units, or technology available to the company can help you find the perfect match for your ideal customer profile and navigate a complex buying cycle. MarketBase+ makes all these details available to you, so you can put your best foot forward and close your next sale.

MarketBase+ is that rarest of all things: a partner you can trust. We can go on all night long about the quality of our data—but we know seeing is believing.

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Technographic data

Want to know exactly what technology your prospects use?

Finding the right match for you can be hard. And it’s incredibly frustrating when you think you’ve finally found the one, only to realise after a lot of time and effort that you’re both looking for totally different things!

Using technographic data from MarketBase+, you can find out what kinds of cloud products, platforms, security and services your prospects are using. Click once and reveal all.

Finvett Add-On

Never miss an opportunity again.

Reputable data sources and up-to-date information lets you identify opportunities and manage exposure to risk.

The best part? It’s all in one secure, easy to use webapp—so you can finally close all those open tabs.


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  • Access company credit scores
  • Identify insolvencies dating back to 2016
  • View credit reports on loans, defaults, judgements, and more
  • Get a daily news feed on all companies
  • View your total addressable market
  • Generate lists of similar companies
  • Filter on industry, revenue, location, and more
  • Reveal key contact emails and phone numbers

CRM Connect

…is a little more comfortable.


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Want to add our additional information to your personal little black book? That’s what we’ve made CRM Connect for. You can just use the export button in your MarketBase+ platform to send the contact or company information you’ve discovered using MarketBase+ straight to our Salesforce CRM instance — no messy extracting or editing required.

It’s something a little more comfortable, just for you.

Decision-making unit

Save time, prospect effectively

You know your product best, so you know best at what level you need to get buy-in. Get a complete map of the decision-making unit and reveal all the contacts you might need. Save time, prospect effectively, and close sales faster than ever. 

With our DMU Discovery feature, you get to peel back the covers and check out your prospects with just a click. Go right ahead: reveal all. 

Our Promise

Data Guarantee

Everything you’ve heard? It’s completely true.

And that’s also what you’ll find when you use our information—the truth.
Our data is high-quality, trustworthy and verified. We guarantee it! If you find a data error, report it to us and we’ll give you up to 15% of your credits back for the month.


A guarantee you can take home to mum

We have an in-house research team double-checking our data, and over forty years of combined industry expertise in providing high-quality, accurate and up-to-date data to support B2B sales. We know that when you sign up, you’re trusting us to provide high-quality data sourced by a partner you can trust. We want to honour that trust, so we created our data guarantee to give you peace of mind.



Get credits back.

So if you find a data error, report it to us, and you can receive up to 15% of your credits back—and we’ll roll them over to the next month, too, so you can be sure you get ample opportunity to use them. Finally, a partner you can trust.

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MarketBase+ will give you access to all the juicy details so you can start turning your LinkedIn leads into paying customers faster than ever. Whatever team you play for, make sure you have the tools you need to win. Sign up now.

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